JT on Cars — Issue #4: 992 911 GT3 RS is out in the open!!!!

I am sorry for being inactive the last couple of months but I am back and I am back with a bang!!!

We all knew an RS was on the cards when the 992 generation GT3 was released. So many spy shots of the car testing on the green hell were trickling down the grape vine for the last few months. Today was supposed to be the big day but a few images leaked into the ether a few days ahead of the launch as it usually does. With the EU ICE ban looming closer and manufacturers running away from internal combustion engines in favour of electric cars, Porsche has managed to balance it very well. They have been taking the electric car market by storm with the Taycan and the future holds a hybrid 718. And it is no secret that the 911 line will also go towards hybridisation soon. But that did not deter Porsche and the GT division from making a blast with the GT3 RS. 20 years from the first GT3 RS, it looks like Andreas Preuninger has been given a free reign over what he can do with the GT division. When Porsche launched the GT4 RS with the same power as the GT3, we knew the RS was going to be a beast and it didn’t disappoint. Let’s get down to business!!!

The 992 GT3 RS is an aerodynamic master piece. If you thought Aston Martin and Adrian Newey were magicians with the Valkyrie, Porsche and Preuninger have trumped them with the new GT3 RS for a fraction of the price. Let’s make no mistake, this is not a regular GT3 with a few aero bits and a power bump. The front of the car drives that statement home. 992 RS has evolved into a single front mounted radiator compared to the 3 radiators on the previous gen. The first wizardry is underneath the front end of the car. 2 flaps present underneath the car act as active aero flaps which when in the high downforce position feeds air through the front end of the car pinning the car down. This air is directed through the 2 vents in the bonnet and the L shaped vents on the bonnet direct the air towards the side of the car. Keeping up with the RS ethos, the 2 front fenders have openings above the wheel arches to help with air flow from the wheels. Moving onto the side of the car, the doors have been sculpted to support airflow from the wheels in the front and the back end has been sculpted the same way to accommodate airflow from the back wheels. The roof also has 2 flaps which helps direct the air coming out of the front end of the car towards the huge wings at the back. The RS has a swan neck wing similar to the normal GT3 but only bigger and better. The wing is as high as the roof of the car and has Drag Reduction System (DRS), similar to an F1 car. This is because the car produces 406 kg of downforce at 125 mph (200 km/h) and 860 kg at 177 mph (285 km/h) and this will help corner faster but will also slow the car down on the straights. That is when the front flaps underneath the car and the wings come into play. When DRS is activated, the car produces lower downforce helping you blast through the straights as you would through the corners.

Next onto the weight. The car has got the usual carbon fibre treatment to reduce weight. The bonnet, front fenders, wings, the roof, doors and the double wishbone suspension are made of carbon fibre. Yes you read it right, the passenger doors and the suspension are carbon fibre and both are also sculpted for aerodynamic performance. But weirdly even with all these weight savings, the RS is 15 kg heavier than the normal GT3 but thanks to the aero and bump in power it is not making anything worse. The powerhouse is still a 4-litre flat six producing 525 bhp which is 15 bhp higher than the normal GT3 thanks to better cams. The RS comes with PDK as standard and the 0–60 is under 3.2 sec. And we all know Porsche and it would not surprise if the real-world number is sub 3 sec. This car comes with a standard setup but 4 dials on the steering wheel will help adjust the suspension, differential, traction control and electronic stability control without getting your hands dirty. Now you can’t blame the car for any messups.

This car is a masterpiece and will definitely make the world of anyone who can afford one in the first place and then get an allocation to it. The car comes with clubsport pack as standard and the Weissech pack can be added as an optional extra and this will give you carbon fibre roll cage, no kidding. The car starts at £178,500 in the UK. I am off to buy a lottery and then make a sacrifice to get an allocation.



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JT on Cars

JT on Cars

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